Country Brief

Official Name : Republic of Equatorial Guinea.
(Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial)

Capital                Malabo


President                        H.E. Mr. T. Obiang Ngnema
Prime Minister               H.E.  Mr. Vicentc Enate Tomi
Foreign Minister            H.E. Mr. Micha Ondo Bile
Finance Minister           H.E. Mr. Marcelino Owomo Edu


The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is located in west central Africa, bordering the Bay of Biafra. Countries that share land borders with Equatorial Guinea are Cameroon and Gabon. Bioko Island is about 40 kilometers from Cameroon. Annobon Island lies about 595 kilometers southwest of Bioko Island. The larger continental region of Rio Muni lies between Cameroon and Gabon on the mainland. The sovereignty of Equatorial Guinea extends over the islands of Corisco, Elobey Grande, Elobey Chico, and adjacent islets.

Climate:   The country has a tropical climate, hot and humid round the year.

Time:   GMT + 1/2 hours (i.e. 5 hours behind IST)

Currency:   Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XAF) (USD 1 = XAF 611 apxtly)-2014-15

Population:   8,50,000 (with 2.73% growth rate)

Literacy:   87%

Religion:    Christianity (predominantly Catholics)

Languages:    Spanish & French

National day:    October 12 (1968)